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Management Accounts & Budgets

It’s fair to say that no two sets of Management Accounts are the same and we don’t want to shoehorn you into something you’re not familiar with. That’s why we’ll always take the time to recreate your current accounts format or help you improve the ones you have, if required. Although we present this in the Cloud, you have the option to download it into excel or PDF and print it if you wish.

When data is in the Cloud, it’s at its most flexible. Columns can show month, YTD, KPI etc. and you can expand rows and columns to increase the level of detail you see. You can drill down into the data to nominal or transaction level and see your numbers at a department, site or group level.

As your data is now hardcoded, there are no more spreadsheets to be amended and all your historical data is imported from your DMS. If you need additional reports or changes to your layout, these can easily be accommodated by our technical team.

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